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Écru Pottery

All made by hand.

My Écru Pottery has been created with the intention that everything  should be both useful and beautiful ...

Every piece is unique and its beauty lies in the small imperfections and irregularities that are inherent with hand-made items.

Everything is very proudly, sustainably, made by me in Wellington, New Zealand and I’m delighted to say you may purchase my pottery from:

Vessel, 87 Victoria Street, Wellington. 


Dreamy, creamy, buff speckled clay gently brushed with watercolour shades of blossom pink, apple green, golden wheat and aquamarine. 

Former Glories

I’m happy to make to order....please contact me to discuss...

Caring for Pottery

Caring for my pottery is easy: stoneware clay was chosen to give strength, my glazes are all food-safe, all items may be placed in the refrigerator, oven and dishwasher.

Please try to avoid giving your pottery a ‘thermal shock’ which may cause it to crack - for instance, moving too quickly from a cold fridge to hot oven - or hot oven to cold water - and your pottery will then last and become a loved heirloom for many generations. 

Pottery is not suitable for stove-top use but may be used in a microwave.

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